Tarmo Peterson to moderate at an international insolvency conference

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Tarmo Peterson to moderate at an international insolvency conference

On 8 December, the University of Tartu is hosting an international insolvency conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Estonian Bankruptcy Act and the 70th birthday of Prof. Paul Varul. The conference will focus on the insolvency law reform and bring together top Estonian and international experts.


Discussing the current insolvency-related problems will be internationally recognised insolvency law experts Prof. Stephan Madaus, Prof. Paul Omar and Prof. Christoph G. Paulus, whose presentations at the conference are also relevant for Estonia.


Speakers also include the leading experts in Estonian insolvency law – Prof. Paul Varul, Urmas Volens, Kersti Kertsna-Vaks, Toomas Saarma, Annemari Õunpuu and Anto Kasak, who will focus their presentations on the latest changes in insolvency law. Legal experts Tarmo Peterson (RASK) and Peeter Viirsalu (TGS Baltic), who both participated in the latest revision of Estonia’s insolvency law and the restructuring of the Bankruptcy Act and Reorganisation Act, will be moderating the event.


The conference is organised by the School of Law of the University of Tartu in cooperation with the Estonian Academic Law Society. The event has received support from the University of Tartu, the Estonian Academic Law Society, TGS Baltic Law Firm, Rask Law Firm, Kasak & Lepikson Law Firm, Eipre & Partnerid Law Firm, COBALT Law Firm, Estonian Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy, and Hotel Lydia.

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