Employment and Foreign Recruitment

RASK’s experience in the field of employment relationships and foreign recruitment includes numerous positive references from IT, construction, tourism and other business sectors. We have consulted major investors on relocating companies to Estonia.

Field information

Our labour law experts consult clients on all employment-related legal issues, helping them find the best legal solutions for successful staff planning and resolving any emerging disputes.

In foreign recruitment, RASK works with both employers and employees, ensuring strong legal competence at all stages of the process – from designing a recruitment plan and resolving any tax issues, to drawing up the required documents and communicating directly with the Police and Border Guard Board. RASK also represents clients in court, both in infringement proceedings and to challenge refusals in proceedings concerning a subject’s right to stay in Estonia.

Head of Practice

Head of Practice - Ramon Rask

Co-Head of Practice - Keidi Kõiv