Infrastructure and Energy

RASK has been a valued legal partner in many energy and infrastructure projects of national importance, including ports, railways and air transport as well as wind farms and network services.

Field information

RASK has extensive experience in implementing large-scale infrastructure projects, often consulting clients from the initial concept to the final realisation of the project as well as resolving legal issues related to daily operations. With the Tamba-Mäli wind power plant development in western Estonia, for example, RASK consulted on the project throughout the entire process from applying for support from national measures and negotiating contracts with banks, wind turbine manufacturers, network builders and landowners, to representing the park in eight court disputes during construction, obtaining a use permit for the park and connecting to the grid.

Head of Practice

Head of Practice - Ramon Rask.

The team is led by partner Ramon Rask, who has broad experience with different types of infrastructure clients. Ramon has been a legal advisor to Magnetic MRO and the Port of Pärnu on infrastructure issues for several years. He has led extensive legal audits for the Rail Baltic project and contributed to the realisation of a number of outstanding large-scale energy development projects.