Pro Bono

Because good initiatives deserve support. 

We do what we can to assist. Commiting to non-profits, dedicated to helping others. Devoting to causes that speak to us the most: environment, support for children, culture and sports.

Estonian Food Bank

The Estonian Food Bank operates to distribute surplus food from supermarkets, restaurants and manufacturers to the people who need it the most.

With the carefully build network of supporters and food bank volunteers, products that otherwise would go to waste, end up helping thousands of families in Estonia.

Caritas Estonia

Caritas Estonia is committed to helping the weakest in society – parents who have had children at a very early age and are living in difficult circumstances.

Caritas also provides support for children in substitute homes, helping them attend to their hobbies and trainings.

Kiusamisvaba Kool

Kiusamisvaba Kool (Bullying-Free School) is a foundation that has set itself the goal of making Estonian schools bully-free. In its work, the organization is based on the world-renowned science and evidence-based program KiVa, developed by researchers at the University of Turku. With the help of the KiVa program, children learn to recognize bullying and respond accordingly.

By learning to notice and stop bullying at an early age, we can make an important step towards improving the social behaviour patterns in the future.

Estonian National Culture Foundation

The Estonian National Culture Foundation is created to help preserve and develop Estonian culture.

The foundation distributes scholarships worth an average of EUR 200,000 each year through more than 180 sub-funds, contributing significantly to the development of Estonian culture, education, sports, medicine and many other areas.


Estonian Olympic Committee

Estonian Olympic Committee is the umbrella organization of Estonian sport, responsible for elite sport, youth sport and sport for all and including both Olympic as well as non-Olympic sports. Through a number of affiliated organizations, the Olympic Committee supports the training of trainers, the provision of sports medicine services, the fight against doping and the maintenance of a admirable sports culture.

Estonian Ski Association

The Estonian Ski Association unites all well-known ski sports and represents them both domestically and in international organizations. The Ski Association is carrying out various projects to support Estonian athletes and to introduce and develop ski sports to the next generation.