Finance and Banking

RASK advises clients on all legal issues related to financing. We have extensive experience in resolving legal issues and disputes related to traditional financial instruments, as well as raising capital in the start-up and technology sector.

Field information

RASK has multiple strong references in dealings with M&A houses, VC and PE investors, banks, crowd-funding platforms and private investors. The firm also helps clients in communicating with regulators and permitting matters – e.g. acquiring a qualifying holding or creditor activity licences, bond issues or establishment of funds.
With its competences in the area of banking, finance and capital markets, RASK also participates legislative initiatives in the field.

Head of Practices:

Co-Head of Practice - Timo Kullerkupp.

Timo Kullerkupp is an esteemed legal adviser in financing for both Estonian and international clients. With more than 15 years of experience in consulting for companies and financing projects, Timo’s expertise and judgement are highly valued in the sector. 

Timo provides day-to-day legal consulting to investment companies as well as credit institutions overseen by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority. He also assists clients in negotiating syndicated loans, developing guarantee packages (including solutions for using a collateral agent), registering investment funds, as well as drafting and negotiating other documents required for fund operations.

Timo is also the elected a member of the Financial Law Committee of the Estonian Bar Association. 

Co-Head of Practice - Karl Erik Esko

Karl Erik is a strong partner for entrepreneurs in developing financing structures and raising capital through funds, private investors or crowdfunding platforms.

Karl Erik is also a skilled communicator with financial supervision authorities and assists clients in applying for various activity licences, including activity licenses for creditors and mortgage lenders.