Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution has been and is one of our focal points and core strengths at RASK. RASK has time and again shown the courage to take on complex and controversial cases that other law firms have considered it impossible to deliver.

Field information

Corporate Disputes.
The team has extensive experience in representing clients in both complicated shareholder disputes and disputes over the responsibilities of members of management bodies.

Civil Disputes.
Our civil disputes team boasts extensive experience in litigation related to the protection proprietary and individual rights of our clients, including the upholding of the client’s good name and honour in disputes with the media and highly sensitive family matters and inheritance issues.

Administrative Disputes.
In state and local government affairs, RASK has set several legal precedents in the Supreme Court ranging from tax issues to disputes over the functioning of the education system, environmental management and health care.

Head of Civil Disputes – Tarmo Peterson.

Head of Corporate Disputes – Ramon Rask.


Head of Administrative Disputes – Villy Lopman.