RASK in cooperation with ELSA Estonia to hold an aviation seminar for law students in Tartu

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RASK in cooperation with ELSA Estonia to hold an aviation seminar for law students in Tartu

On 15 February, RASK, in cooperation with ELSA Estonia, is holding a seminar for law students in Tartu, offering them an exciting insight into the inner workings of the aviation world. The seminar will be hosted by Timo Kullerkupp, RASK’s partner and Head of Aviation, and lawyer Kai Villemson.


RASK is one of the main legal consultants in the field of aviation in Estonia. The law firm has extensive experience in various industry-specific issues, conducting complex transactions and resolving legal disputes. Legal consultancy for the aviation sector involves communicating with the authorities, including impact assessments and legislation, addressing infrastructure, authorisation and staffing issues, and providing comprehensive consulting on contracts and corporate law, including acquisition, pledge, and dry and wet lease agreements.


RASK lawyers have extensive experience in consulting various international airline operators (including airBaltic, Air France, KLM, easyJet, British Airways and SmartLynx Airlines). For a decade, RASK has also been a legal consultant to Magnetic MRO, the largest aviation maintenance company in the region, as well as to several private airlines.


Which topics will be discussed at the seminar?

  • The formalities of aviation law – international law v. local acts
  • Everyday practical issues (consumer requirements, labour law, taxes)
  •  Buying and selling of aircraft
  • Aircraft rental
  • Aircraft financing
  • Permits, licenses, certificates
  • Airports, airport services, air traffic services
  • The wider role of lawyers in the aviation world, from customer expectations to the big picture and daily routines


Time: 15 February 2023 at 18.00–19.30

Location: Kampus, 1st floor (7 Rüütli St, Tartu)

Experts: Timo Kullerkupp, Kai Villemson


Pre-registration only!

The number of participants is limited. First come, first served.