RASK attorney Birgit Aasa earnes great recognition from the Estonian Academy of Sciencies

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RASK attorney Birgit Aasa earnes great recognition from the Estonian Academy of Sciencies

We are extremely proud of RASK´s attorney dr Birgit Aasa, whose doctoral dissertation earned great recognition yesterday from the The Estonian Academy of Sciences. Birgit´s PhD thesis was honored with not just one, but two(!) awards by the Academy: the best doctoral dissertation in the field of social sciences and Estonian Academy of Sciences' Constitutional Law Foundation's special prize.

Birgit defended her doctoral dissertation "The principle of mutual trust in EU law - what is in a name?" in February 2021 at the prestigious European University Institute, earning her a PhD in law. Yesterday, Birgit presented her doctoral thesis for the first time in Estonia and in the hall of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

In her research as well as her daily professional practice, Birgit mainly specialises in European Union law and legal relations between the member states, as well as assessing how these affect the state, businesses and individuals. In her doctoral dissertation, Birgit studied in depth the principle of mutual trust in European Union law, including its development as well as the meaning and role it has in relations between the member states today.

The Estonian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1938 as an association of top-level scientists and scholars with commitment and responsibility to advance scientific research and represent Estonian science nationally and internationally. The primary mission of the Academy is to assist in building a knowledge-based Estonia, fostering adaptation of new knowledge for economic growth and improvement of the quality of life in Estonia, enhancing public appreciation of science and scientific methods of thought.

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