International Tax Competitiveness Index 2020

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International Tax Competitiveness Index 2020

For the seventh year in a row Estonia has been honored with the 1st place in OECD Country Rankings on the 2020 International Tax Competitiveness Index!

“In my daily practice, there are often 2 aspects that earn the most praise and admiration from colleagues as well as entrepreneurs from other countries when discussing business in Estonia. Firstly - the simplicity of the Estonian tax system. And secondly – the “futuristic” level of digitalization in Estonia. The possibility to settle your tax affairs quickly, transparently and electronically,” says Annika Soom, RASK ´s international tax expert.

“Of course, in the wind of recent amendments initiated by the EU and OECD regulations, the Estonian tax system is also becoming more nuanced. But I am so proud that this far, Estonia has been able to maintain the core simplicity and comprehensibility inherent to our tax system, earning us again the 1st place in The International Competitiveness Index.”

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