Timo Kullerkupp explains in a podcast how millions are raised in the startup sector

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Timo Kullerkupp explains in a podcast how millions are raised in the startup sector

How do startups raise millions in investments? What do these deals look like at the coalface? What expectations do the investors and founders have of each other? And why should fundraising not be rushed?

Timo Kullerkupp, RASK’s co-head of technology, joined Signe Sillasoo on a podcast to unpack the process of raising major funding in the startup sector and key issues for startups in preparing for investment transactions.

Bringing in large investors is an important milestone for any startup. It is equally important to be well prepared to enter into contract negotiations and not get carried away by the excitement of raising a large investment, which often leads to overlooking the details of some of the more complex contract clauses without really understanding them. This in turn means that while the funds may arrive in the company’s account, they come with a lot of misunderstandings and tensions between the investors and founders, often proving fatal to the success of the startup.

Listen to the podcast (in Estonia)

Timo Kullerkupp is a partner and co-head of technology at RASK. He has practised as an attorney-at-law for almost a decade, regularly consulting clients with various profiles in major mergers and acquisitions, on resolving complex corporate law issues and on corporate restructuring. Timo has consulted several of Estonia’s largest technology companies, including Net Group, Cleveron and Eurora, on legal issues related to internationalisation and has mentored at various accelerators, including Tehnopol Startup Incubator, Salto and Startup Wiseguys.