26.10: "Litigation Bestsellers” - overview of the top reasons that in the last 15 years have crippled renewable energy projects in Estonian courts

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26.10: "Litigation Bestsellers” - overview of the top reasons that in the last 15 years have crippled renewable energy projects in Estonian courts

On Wednesday, 26th of October 15:30, Ramon Rask, RASK´s head of Energy and Infrastructure, will hold a seminar at GreenEST Summit and take a deeper look on the reasons, why so many renewable energy projects have failed in Estonia. 

Already in the 90s, the first renewable energy pilot projects appeared in Estonia, but their wider spread was still limited due to the unfavorable economic environment. While hydroelectric power plants already existed during the USSR, the first electricity-producing windmill in Estonia was erected in 1997 in Hiiumaa. The first wind farm was completed in 2002 in Virtsu, the first agricultural biogas plant was completed in 2005 in Jöori in Saaremaa.

Despite these developments, electricity produced from oil shale continues to make up a large part of Estonia's energy economy today. Why hasn't the transition to renewable energy sources happened faster in Estonia? One of the main obstacles to investing in renewable energy and related infrastructure can be considered time-consuming and complicated administrative procedures. We provide an overview of the most significant legal disputes concerning renewable energy projects in the last 15 years and highlight the main problematic issues that have hindered the development of the renewable energy sector in Estonia over the years.

Ramon Rask is an experienced legal advisor, partner and head of energy and infrastructure at RASK Attorneys-at-Law.

Ramon has extensive experience advising green energy and infrastructure projects of national importance, including wind parks, offshore wind farms, network services. This includes implementing large-scale infrastructure projects and often consulting clients from the initial concept to the final realization of the project as well as resolving legal issues related to daily operations, including representation in litigations.

Ramon has consulted clients in wind park development in all legal aspects throughout the entire process starting from the very early stages of spatial planning and assessment of environmental impacts and up to applying for subsidies and financial support from EU & national measures, negotiating financing contracts with banks, WTG providers, network builders, O&M service providers and landowners. He has also extensive experience in representing the clients in court litigations regarding the validity of wind park building and usage permits.

The seminar will be held at GreenEST Summit.
GreenEST Summit is the flagship green innovation event that brings together public and private sector experts, cleantech companies and investors from all over Europe to discuss how to accelerate the inevitable green revolution!

The event as well as the seminar will also broadcast live on the WorksUp platform for its online attendees!

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