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RASK represents Transcom in disputes with Pärnu Sadam.


RASK successfully represented Transcom, a shareholder in Pärnu Sadam (Port of Pärnu) in several court cases related to electing members of the managing bodies and conducting a special audit of Pärnu Sadam.

The disputes were settled with a compromise agreement giving Transcom the position of the chairman of the supervisory board and equal representation on the management and supervisory boards.

Transcom AS together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies form a group offering port, transport and other services. 

Pärnu Sadam AS is the port authority of the Port of Pärnu, which owns the basic infrastructure of the port. Pärnu Sadam manages vessel traffic at the port and renders stevedore services. In recent years, the Port of Pärnu has become one of the most important regional ports in south-western and southern Estonia.