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RASK represents Kihnu Veeteed in numerous procurement disputes.


Since 2014, RASK has consulted Kihnu Veeteed, one of the leading ferry operators in Estonia, in the field of public procurements. RASK has successfully represented the company in numerous disputes over the procurement of passenger ferry services and has repeatedly defended the legality of ferry route contracts concluded with the client.

Thanks to advice from RASK, Kihnu Veeteed currently operates ten ferry routes under public service contracts – most of the domestic ferry routes between small islands and the mainland commissioned by the state or local governments. In addition to public ferry routes, the company also operates charter trips between the mainland and the small islands in the Gulf of Riga, Gulf of Finland and Väinameri Sea as well as on Lake Peipus.

RASK has recently consulted the company in the following larger projects including:
  • winning of the procurement for the Sviby-Rohuküla-Sviby passenger ferry service in 2015;
  • operating the passenger ferry Ormsö on the ferry route between Vormsi Island and the mainland since 2016;
  • providing passenger ferry services on the Sõru-Triigi and Ruhnu routes (Ringsu-Munalaid, Ringsu-Pärnu and Ringsu-Roomassaare) since 2017;
  • the legality of contracts concluded between the client and the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications was recently disputed by the company of Vjatsheslav Leedo. However, with the help of RASK, Tallinn Circuit Court confirmed the legality of the contracts concluded in November 2018.

Kihnu Veeteed AS is one of the largest maritime passenger transport companies in Estonia. The company owns ferries as well as passenger ships and is the official passenger carrier on many shipping routes in Estonia.