RASK consults clients in planning and building permit procedures in Otepää Nature Park.


RASK has consulted several local residents and entrepreneurs in the Otepää Nature Park area on various issues related to planning and building permit procedures. In addition to administrative proceedings, RASK has also represented clients in court disputes, helping to establish case law specifying the content of the state-imposed norms for landscape protection areas.

As a result of the court disputes, the Environmental Board has been forced to reconsider its assessments on which landscape views can be protected in Otepää Nature Park and how such protected views should be identified. In the court proceedings, RASK also represents the interests of the owner of a farm located in an existing settlement seeking to construct buildings within the limits of the farm yard. To do so, RASK draws on the personal right and freedom to exercise ownership, with reference to the historical structure of farm complexes and the principles of that way of life.

Otepää Nature Park is one of the largest landscape protection areas in Estonia. The law prescribes important but difficult-to-assess restrictions in planning and building permit procedures concerning landscape protection areas. Such restrictions are used to regulate, for example, the population density, landscape use and also protected views.