RASK advises Co-one, the innovative AI-based data labeling startup, in closing a successful investment round.


RASK legal experts Karl Erik Esko and Karl-Kristjan Kahm advised Co-one, the innovative Estonian-based AI-startup, on a successful seed investment round.

Co-one's investment round reached a valuation of $4.2 million and raised EUR 640 000 under the leadership of the Maxis Innovative Fund. Other investors in the investment round included TechOne Venture Capital, Lima Ventures, Domino Ventures, Leap Investment, Chooch AI CEO Emrah Gültekin, and Investment Banker Siret Ünsal.

Co-one currently serves AI companies in the European market, and with its new seed investment, the company plans to expand its customer base, build hybrid annotation systems, and grow its team. The company’s goal is to play a major role in the European AI market, by democratizing data labeling and improving the quality of AI products with high quality data-sets to better serve humanity.

One of the startup's goals is to contribute to the artificial intelligence ecosystem in Estonia, for which Co-one has already started to collaborate and get in touch with AI companies. Co-one aims to support Estonia's rapidly evolving autonomous driving vehicles industry, retail technologies industry, Surveillance analytics solutions, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions by supplying fast and accurate annotated datasets to AI teams.

Co-one OÜ is a fast-growing Estonian start-up with Turkish roots, founded in 2021. Co-one provides an AI-based data labeling service, focusing on the fast, accurate, and reliable annotation of image, video, and text data. With the use of its Annotation Management Dashboard, Co-one allows companies to efficiently manage their data labeling processes. The company also offers the Kovan App, which provides over 3500 users with the opportunity to earn income by labeling data.