RASK advises the establishment of the investment fund Tehnopol Ventures.


RASK advised Tehnopol on the establishment of a new investment company, Tehnopol Ventures, and on resolving related legal issues.

RASK partner Timo Kullerkupp and co-head of the tax area Annika Soom advised the research and business campus Tehnopol on finding the best legal format for a new investment fund, which is suitable for keeping options earned in start-ups and managing investments. RASK's experts also assisted the client in setting up Tehnopol Ventures, transferring options, as well as compiling related documentation.

Tehnopol Ventures will assess the investment readiness of start-ups and manage Tehnopol Startup Incubator options and participations in start-ups. The future perspective is also seen as making financial investments for the fund.

Tehnopol Ventures is closely involved in the Tehnopol Startup Incubator's growth program, which experienced key mentors, specialty mentors, hands-on training program, open office and supportive community make start-ups ready to invest in and help to attract money and expand into export markets. No financial fee will be charged to start-ups for participating in the program, instead a 2% participation option will be agreed, which will be managed by Tehnopol Ventures. In addition, Tehnopol Ventures will offer a vendor due diligence service, helping early-stage investors to assess the company's finances, team, product and market potential, thus acting as a quality mark.

The purpose of the Tehnopol Science and Business campus is to contribute to the establishment and development of world-class technology companies in Estonia and to support their expansion into foreign markets by offering a complete solution from commercial real estate to growth-enhancing business development services.