Ken Kaarel Gross

Fields of expertise

Corporate and M&A
Finance and Banking
Administrative and Constitutional
Employment and Foreign Recruitment
Ken Kaarel assists attorneys primarily in the field of corporate law – mainly in drafting contracts and other corporate documents. Ken Kaarel has notable experience also with the new Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act as well as issues related to international tax cooperation.

Having gained extensive prior practice through various internships at the Prosecutor's Office, Enterprise Estonia and the private sector, Ken Kaarel is well versed in the differences between public-private sector work processes as well as collaboration opportunities. In the course of his studies, Ken Kaarel has produced several research papers in the field of criminal law. In his master thesis, Ken Kaarel focuses on analyzing bond markets.

Ken Kaarel stands out for his thoroughness, dedication, and determination, which is often cited by colleagues and clients.

*In accordance with the Bar Association Act, RASK lawyers do not  provide legal services. Lawyers assist attorneys.