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RASK represents client in dispute with ARIB over financial correction.


RASK consulted Luunja Jõesadama SA in an administrative court dispute with the ARIB over the its intention to only partially pay out project support. According to a preliminary assessment by the ARIB, our client had violated the procedural rules for public procurement, which warranted a financial correction resulting in the partial withholding of the support granted on the basis of the project application.

The dispute focused on the procedural rules regarding the prohibition of splitting procurement procedures, and on the justification, necessity and proportionality of financial corrections.

After our client's arguments were presented in a hearing, the ARIB decided that financial corrections were unwarranted and agreed to pay the full amount of support granted.

Luunja Jõesadama SA is a legal entity in private law, operating on the Emajõgi River, providing mooring and port facilities to the public with the aim of promoting recreational opportunities on Lake Peipus and Emajõgi River.