RASK consults Order of St. Birgitta in dispute with Tallinn.


RASK consulted the Order of Saint Birgitta to help resolve a dispute with the City of Tallinn over the right to use the ruins of the Bridgettine convent in Pirita.

After extensive negotiations, a new legal agreement was established, renewing the rights of the order to use the convent park free of charge for religious services and to participate in the preservation of the religious and historical heritage site.

RASK consulted the order in the termination of its previous contract, drafting a new concept for cooperation and conducting negotiations with the city. In order to resolve the dispute, a new cooperation agreement was signed, based on which the city as the owner of the site will manage and maintain the ruins and organise events there, but the order will still have decision-making powers regarding the site through a cooperation board established by the agreement. The city will be responsible for the administrative work and all investments made for any additional maintenance.

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